Microsoft Word – Checklist with a Co-pilot

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I was looking for a way to have more control over my checklists and how I use them. In the end I found that using Microsoft Word actually gave me all I needed. Whilst there are alternative ways to do this, I like to find simple solutions. Word works for checklists for me in three main ways and is enhanced because I use an iPad as an EFB when flying.

Firstly, I am able to setup a checklist and then add or alter it very easily, to suit my needs, such as reordering into a better flow. I can then save various versions as I go. As I save everything to OneDrive I can access the lists from any devise, for example if trying to learn flows.

Secondly, when flying Word’s functionality means that by having each part of the checklist with a formatted heading, I can easily go directly to the section I need. With the View, Headings on the sections are listed down the side of the screen, and clicking on a heading takes me to it. On the iPad I do this via the touch screen, without changing anything or having any additional windows on the flight sim screens. I used different fonts and colours for the headings, to distinguish them quickly when reading. In addition, I had subheadings within a section to make more of a flow style checklist.

Thirdly, I can get Word to work as a co-pilot. By enabling the Review, Read Aloud (A in the menu), Word will read out the items on the check list. This you can set with various speeds and voices, and you can pause or skip to the next item. In order to get this to work at a sensible rate for me I found it was important to ensure I had the right punctuation as this introduces pauses in the Read Aloud function.

Below is a extract of part of my C172 checklist as an example.

Pre-flight Cockpit:
Aircraft Documents. Check.
Seat. Adjusted.
Yoke. Active, hide.
Parking Brake. On.

Ignition Switch. Off.
Avionics Switch. Off.
Battery Switch. On.
Avionics Switch. On.
Avionics Cooling Fan. Audible.
Avionics Bus 1. Off.

Realism Checks.
Check Engine Quality. Maintain as required
Clear Tie Downs etc. Clear
Avionics Bus 2. Off.

Some instruments
Fuel Quantity (Indicators.) Check.
Annunciator Panel. Test.

Across middle and down
Flaps. Full extended, check working.
Static Pressure Alt Source Valve. Off - in.
Trim. Neutral take off, set throttle wheel.
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