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Hello everyone my name is Bob . I go by TYSMAN online and if you put a "K" in front of the TYS then you will know where I live. I am retired from a major airline here in the US after 25 years of service. I started flight simulation when the first flight sim came out.....my have things changed over the years. I like flying GA and airliners. Just got hooked on Little Navmap for GA flying. A huge Thank-You to Jonathan for all that you do. Your videos are one of a kind. Hope to fly with you all soon.
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Welcome Bob,

Glad you're on board and hello to all in Tennessee. I see that McGhee Tyson airport is rather large with its two 3000+ m. runways. Sadly, in the UK, we don't always have that sort of land to give over to large airports!

Jonathan Beckett has done a remarkable job putting this site together and in the last month or so it really has taken off, pardon the pun. JB's YouTube videos have been outstanding.

Nice to meet you and hope that we can catch up flying in MSFS one day.
Best wishes,
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Thanks for the positive feedback :)
Jonathan Beckett
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