Future Fokker-Next-Gen Hydrogen-plane

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Future Fokker-Next-Gen Hydrogen-plane

Meet Fokker Next Gen’s hydrogen plane
Dutch Fokker is looking to make a comeback with a liquid Hydrogen type clean aircraft, planned to commercially fly by 2035. Fokker got €25 million funding from the Dutch government, and an additional EU grant for this. The plane’s intended range is 2,500 km, meaning it could fly across Europe from Oslo to Athens – without generating any CO₂ emissions.

Fokker Next Gen has a timeline of conceptual design by 2027, a critical design review around 2030. The first prototype flight scheduled for 2033.

Some images show Fokker Next Gen aircraft with 2-3-2 seating, similar to Airbus A330? The fuel will be liquid hydrogen with direct combustion and Rolls-Royce is thought to have a suitable engine.
The hydrogen storage in the back of the plane(and when there is not enough hydrogen around), the plane could also fly on sustainable aviation fuel even on kerosene.

Fokker is thought to start with a Fokker F100 jet that will be modified for hydrogen with a scheduled test flight somewhere around 2028.
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