2023-05-13 1200UTC / 1pm BST - GA flight from Squamish, British Columbia

If you're going flying in the simulator, why not invite others to join you?
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At 1200 UTC / 1pm BST (in 40 mins) I'm going to set off from CYSE Squamish in British Columbia, Canada - and head east via Pemberton, Lillooet, Cache Creek, Kamloops, and Ross Creek in a GA plane.

Anybody that wishes to join in will be more than welcome - will be live in the #chat voice channel in Discord, and using the SOUTH EAST ASIA multiplayer server in Flight Simulator. I'm going to set the weather to High Clouds, time of day to 08:00, and the time of year to summer - you are welcome to change your own weather as you wish.

I'll probably fly a bush plane of some kind - so 100 knots estimate speed!
VFR Squamish (CYSE) to Ross Creek (CRC3).zip
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